October 6, 2011

Gold Online: Secured and Insured

In the past year alone the value of gold has risen nearly 50%. In what is seasonably the best time to buy gold, investors are increasingly turning to other avenues than their local coin or jewelry store in order to obtain the time-tested safe-haven. Online purchasing is gradually becoming the preferred method for acquiring gold. As with any Internet-based transaction it is important to know with certainty that what you are buying is exactly what you expect to be buying. This expectation is intensified when the purchase is a financial instrument and further heightened when the financial instrument under consideration is gold.

There are two critical steps that must be taken when making an investment in physical quantities of gold: secure and insure. If you store gold at home then you have to secure it in a proper manner either in a safe or in a bank vault. At the same time you must insure it in the event of theft and revalue it every so often as the value of gold increases.

When shopping online for gold if insurance and storage are not made explicitly available then you are in the wrong place. Any quality Internet-based gold providers has already established partnerships with highly secure vaults and insurance providers. Some have also gone the extra step of providing delivery options. One of the primary advantages though of purchasing gold online is that the selling of gold online is also facilitated.

How can you ensure that you will get fair market value for gold you have stored in your safe at home? A jeweler will unlikely pay the spot price and those able to offer the spot price will likely not come to your home and collect it. As with ecommerce transactions in other industries the transaction costs have dramatically decreased with respect to buying and selling gold. It is possible to get any amount of gold bought or sold within 2% of the spot price. One company to take note of in this space is a relative newcomer based in Dubai—GBULLION DMCC.

Originally positioned to capitalize on the European market demand for gold the local market in Dubai began to take notice of how GBULLION positioned its services and as a result the growth prospects are quite promising. With License Number: DMCC-31266 GBULLION is a certified trader of gold under the authority of the Dubai Multi Commodities Center: strategically basing its operations within one the most transparent and well-respected jurisdictions in the world for such activities.

Purchasing, storing, insuring, delivering and selling gold online is the new framework for investing in gold. If gold is the right investment for you do your research and make sure that each of the providers make these options available. You will soon realize that this list is not very long and that GBULLION is not only on that list but has the lowest costs of them all.

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