October 17, 2011

Rates Changes and Other Important Service Updates

Dear GBULLION clients,

In order to help expand our service offerings and ensure that GBULLION remains one of the best places to purchase gold online, a change in pricing structure will be in effect from 1 November. The change is as follows: for those investors with $2 500 to $250 000 invested, a monthly service cost of $25 will be applied. However there will be no charge for those with accounts less than $2 500 or more than $250 000.

To existing verified customers, you will keep the current price structure as a way to thank you for being with us from the start.

To newly verified members after 1 November, this amount of $25 per month is still lower than the fees charged by other competitors in the industry and we are confident that our service offerings remain second to none and will only increase as a result of this strategic move.

Up to the Minute Spot Price

In the past, GBULLION was only able to provide the ability to purchase gold at a spot price at 15-minute intervals. As of now, we are able to transact at the minute-to-minute spot price enabling members to act more quickly on investment decisions. As a result investment returns will be able to increase as the amount of buy high and sell low opportunities expand 15-fold.

Gold by the Milligram

An additional update is that previous quantities of gold could only be purchased in increments of 1 gram. Effective immediately, gold can be purchased in quantities of 0.01 grams after the initial minimum of 1 gram. This update makes gold savings plans more friendly as more precise quantities can be acquired for your weekly or monthly investment.

Should you have any questions or concerns, we are always happy to help you!

Kind regards,

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