January 29, 2012

Commission Goes Down! Time to Buy Gold

Dear GBULLION Customers,

As we start the new year we enter into a unique opportunity to buy gold as it is beginning to show various signs of recovery from the recent correction during the final months of 2011. We are happy to inform you that over the past 30 days gold price has gone up by 10%! To encourage our investors and support the trend we have reduced our purchase commission from 1.2% to 0.8%. Now you can buy physical gold at spot price + 0.8% only!

Take some time and read the article below, we have put it together for you to have an overview of the current situation as well as of some forecasts...

Over the past 3 years there has been at least 3 other times when the price of gold has corrected itself in such a drastic manner. Each time though, the recovery took the metal to new record highs: with 10-20% drops followed by 50-85% increases. What will be the magnitude of this current recovery will only be determined by the market however, what can be said confidently (and with consensus) is that gold will recover as it does time and time again.

Morgan Stanley for example, lists gold among its “favorite longs” and forecast prices of $2200 an ounce. “We believe the defensive nature of gold...will create significant investment demand as investors look for safe havens in a period of risk aversion.”

UBS’ central view on gold remains aggressive, forecasting an average 2012 price of $2050. “Most of the factors that pushed gold higher in 2011 are not going away. Indeed, a compelling case for higher gold returns next year can be built on: persistent sovereign stress, an expected recession in Europe, benign growth across developed markets, a relatively sedate outlook for competing asset classes, still-low interest rates in the US, and further rate declines in Europe, as we expect.”

Barclays Capital thinks gold should trade as high as $2200 an ounce in 2012 with the three pivotal watch factors for gold remain intact. "First, central-bank buying continues and with new interest emerging; second, uncertainty continues to surround the financial markets and sovereign debt; and finally, growth in investment demand is occurring despite price corrections."

The idea that gold will comfortably surpass the $2000/oz. point in 2012  is not only shared by these three financial service powerhouse but also much of the financial establishment in the world. The only question a savvy-investor should ask is how to participate in the recovery. In this sense, it is ‘vaulted gold’ or in other words, physical quantities of gold that is bought online and stored, insured and appraised in highly secure vaults.

This is where www.gbullion.com comes in.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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