July 14, 2012

Gold is Still a Long-Term Safe Haven

Don’t forget to check out the latest Gold Council study ‘Gold as a strategic asset for UK investors’. One more proof of the fact, that despite the gold rice turbulence that we are facing lately, gold is still a long term safe haven.

“Gold is a highly effective vehicle for diversification and risk management because of its independence from other asset classes. While many asset classes are often thought (and marketed) as diversifiers over long periods of time, few can claim that during periods of financial or economic stress. The unique dynamics and geographic mix of supply and demand for gold, whether for investment or consumption, mean that its price performance typically behaves quite differently from most other assets.

Check out the study for more insights: http://www.gold.org/investment/research/thematic_research/portfolio_diversification/strategic_asset_for_uk_investors/

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